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The Agoge was the world’s first military boot camp.

Developed by the ancient Spartans it taught three forms of fighting: Pancration, Wrestling and Boxing. We at the Agoge Boxing Gym focus on the discipline of boxing – both amateur and professional. Things that you will learn at the Agoge Boxing Gym include your fundamentals of boxing, discipline and respect, and – most importantly – the psychological aspect of boxing.

What makes the psychology so important? As a fighter, in any discipline, when you understand your emotions and thought patterns (e.g. anxiety, fear, patience, cautiousness, focus, uncertainty etc.) and use them in your favour alongside physical strength and technical skills, you will become a handful for any opponent. This is what made the Spartans so superior and why they are still used today as examples when training elite soldiers, special forces and top athletes. This is also why the word Spartan is used today to describe a way of life that is hard but simple.

One of the biggest assets of the Agoge Boxing Gym – it’s a community. You won’t just meet people – you will meet friends that you didn’t know you had.


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